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The Only Forum Dedicated Entirely To The Facilities Engineering Discpline With Last Year's Attendees Including:

  • Anadarko
  • BHP Biliton
  • Bonanza Creek Energy
  • BP
  • Cabot Oil & Gas Corp
  • Carrizo Oil & Gas
  • Chesapeake Energy
  • Chevron
  • Cimarex Energy
  • Cinco Resources
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Continental Resources
  • Denbury Resources
  • EF Energy
  • Encana
  • EOG Resources
  • Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas
  • Halcon Resources
  • Hess Corporation
  • Husky Oil Operations
  • Jacobs
  • Kraken Oil & Gas
  • Laredo Petroleum Holdings
  • LINN Energy
  • Macpherson Oil Co.
  • Marathon Oil
  • Murphy Oil
  • Newfield Exploration
  • Noble Energy
  • Oasis Petroleum
  • OXY
  • PennWest Petroleum
  • QEP Energy
  • Quicksilver Resources
  • Range Resources
  • Sabine Oil & Gas
  • SandRidge Energy
  • Sasol Canada
  • Seneca Resources
  • Shell E&P
  • Shell Canada
  • Southwestern Energy
  • Statoil
  • Swift Energy
  • Talisman Energy
  • Wapiti Energy
  • WPX Energy
  • XTO Energy

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Unmatched Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities For Manufacturers, Suppliers And Service Providers Of:

  • Modular Equipment Packages
  • Meters & Measurement Technologies
  • Automation & Digitization Technologies
  • Mechanical Integrity Technologies & Solutions
  • Power Generation Solutions
  • Emissions Reduction Technologies & Solutions
  • Pipeline Technology & Materials
  • Water Treatment Technologies

OilPro Oilfield Production Equipment

"My company, a stocking oil and gas production equipment supplier, just spent some of my valuable time to attend the Tight Oil & Shale Gas Well Site Facilities Design Calgary conference Dec 9,10 in Calgary in the hope to better understand what our clientele is looking for from vendors such as OilPro. (Notice the capital "P", no relation to Oilpro.com).

The results: Very worthwhile, which is more than I expected. The quality of the speakers, such as Shonn Arndt (CNRL), Ian Gall (Talisman), Dusty Moi (Solaris), Jason Bickel (Swift), Toby Oickle (Harvest), William Avila (Brion), Joe Bubenik (Devon) and Jason Sabid (Northern Blizzard) was excellent because they each related to, and shared real-world problems they encountered in their respective companies' operations and facilities maintenance, optimization, layout, installation and procurement processes.

The fact that engineers and technologists freely share their findings in the spirit of helping their peers, is why I like my job in this industry so much. People in the petroleum industry genuinely are passionate about doing things better every time. Although the newer generation of production and operations people have been dumped into a bit of a void created by the mass-exodus of experience over the last decade, there is genuine interest in finding better and more efficient ways to get the job done right.

As a vendor, I have the following take-aways I'd like to share: 1. Try to define our scope as tightly as possible, it will help our customers define their scope better and anticipate contingencies. 2.Delivery is key to helping producer stay on budget and on schedule. We will address this by being even more proactive about lingering approvals during fabrications, which in my opinion is the number one cause of delays. 3. Avoid unexpected expenses. We will make even more of an effort to show our clients what other items/design factors, they should also be considering. By sharing our experience on similar projects, we can help them shine. 4. Ask critical design questions to help our client narrow their scope but also to verify/qualify their project scope further, but most importantly to save them time. 5. We can help our clients save a lot of money by adding to our scope in the fabrication shop. Industry experts agree that for every dollar spent in the shop they would have to spend about three in the field for the same work. Makes sense given our industry's constant labour shortages. 6. For big equipment, try to be part of the solution providers, by having lifting engineering questions, such as weight, lift points, Civil Engineering data available for the client during the planning stages. 7. As more facilities are designed in complex process design environments, if we can provide .DWG files for them to plug into, we can save them a lot of effort. They don't care about our proprietary details of vessels or tanks, they really are only interested in the hard structural and piping points and the subsequent design considerations so they can keep things rolling faster.

In summary: Try to anticipate what the customer needs as much as possible from inquiry through to delivery. My company's approach to a modular design philosophy is well-suited to this end-goal, and we will strive to improve on this front continually by having as many answers as possible after asking the right questions first."




Pre-Event Workshops Plus Two Day E&P-Driven Conference

Brand New Focus Areas In 2018: Strategic Visions & Technical, 'Nuts & Bolts' Case Studies Shared Over 3 Days




  • Make Continual Improvements & Optimize Facilities Design, While Focusing On Growth In The 'Drill Faster', $70+ Oil Environment
  • Design Philosophies For Building Modern State-Of-The-Art 'Green' facilities with efficient environmental & emissions control
  • Techniques For Building Next-Generation Facilities Leveraging Automation & Digitalization
  • Upgrading Facility Designs & making them more 'futuristic'
  • New Techniques & Innovative Technologies To Build Fast & Efficient Single & Multi-Well Pad Facilities, relative to size of your operation
  • Adopting The Modular Concept To Single & Multi-Well Pads: Competitive ways to save dollars, increase profitability, and generate cash flow faster
  • Managing IIoT And Big Data, Turn It Into Actionable Items And Improve Operational Performance
  • Quantifying The Dollar Impact Of Automation & SCADA on the bottom line   
  • Establishing Level Of Automation & Innovation For Multi-Well Pad Facilities


  • Strategies For Cost-Effectively Managing Compliance Issues & Control Emissions
  • New Technologies & Designs To Downsize Facilities Footprint: 'Standardization' & 'Tankless Pads'
  • Cost-Effective Allocation Measurement & Multi-Phase Flow Meters Solutions
  • Advanced, Compact & Cost-Effective Separator Designs
  • Best Practices & New Treatment Technologies To Control & Reduce Water Management AFE
  • Manage Supply Chain Challenges, Including Equipment Availability & Deliverability


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