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This 3-day Conference Has Been Designed For Job Functions Including:

  • CEOS
  • COOs
  • VPs of Operations
  • VPs of Facilities
  • VPS of Engineering
  • VPs of EHS&R
  • Regulatory Directors
  • Senior Facilities Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Automation Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Senior Operations Managers
  • Production Superintendents
  • Facility Engineering Directors
  • Environmental Managers
  • Automation Leads


A tailored sponsorship package at the Onshore Wellsite Facilities 2023 will provide a direct, cost-effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients. Once we understand your specific business objectives, including marketing goals, we can leverage the power of our individual Summit brand to work to your advantage.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities in more detail, please contact:
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Technology Solutions Covered

Featuring A Unique Combination Of High-Level Perspectives And Technical/Technology-Driven Commercial Presentations

Reducing Emissions Overall

Capturing Gas & Reducing Flaring

Leak Detection

Green Power & Electrification

Tankless Designs

VRU Design & Operation – Active & Passive Systems

Leak detection & Repair Systems At Compressor Stations

Electrical Planning/Infrastructure For Remote Location 

Replacing & Retrofitting Instrument Gas Pneumatic Devices

New Technology Innovation For Recovery Of Tank Emissions

Technology For Continuous Monitoring

Solar For Remote Location

Instrument Air

Gas Dehydration For Sales

Leak Prevention Applications

On Pad Power Generation Solutions

Electric Valve Controllers & New Valve Designs

Improver Combustor Quality

Leak Detection Technology For Gathering Lines

Micro-Power & Micro Cogeneration Technologies

Optimizing Control Valve Cycle Frequency

Adding New Separators When Designing Wells

Remote Sensing Technology

Optimal Battery Set Ups

Software & Database Solutions For Tracking Emissions

Gas Storage Technologies

Infra-Red Camera Technology

Gas Turbine Technology To Convert Gas To Generate Electricity

Electrically Powered Compression Equipment

Investing In Low Pressure Gas Systems To Reduce Flaring

Fibre Optic Sensing Technology

Using Flared Gas To Replace Diesel In Engines

Optimizing Compressor Control

NGL Recovery Systems To Recover Pipeline Quality Gas

Acoustic Sensing Technology

Solutions To Integrate Semi Remote Locations Into The Grid

Optimizing Manufacturer Bleed Rates

Cryogenic Technology

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Onsite Engines & Turbines Powered By Electricity

Replace Tubes & Fittings

High Resolution GPS Technology 

Automation Of Three Phase Measurement

Waste Heat Recovery Technology

Recover Gas During Condense Loading

Thermal Imaging

Automating Valve Controllers

Emission Control Technology For Engines (Oil & Gas Facilities)

Technologies & Techniques To Reduce Flaring As Wells Decline

Advanced-Data Analytics & A.I

Automation &Monitoring Of Shutdowns & Safety Systems

New Tank Designs To Minimize Emissions

Improving Combustion In Small Flares At Unmanned Sites

Point Sensing & Passive Imaging Technology

Automation To Manage By Exception

Improving The Integrity Of Hatches & Seals

Carbon Capture Use & Storage

Handheld Technology Innovation

Monitoring Equipment Health


Hear From Operators, Screened Suppliers And Trusted Manufacturers Bringing A Wealth Of Real World Experience And Technical Information To The Table With No Sales Pitches  


  • Implementing New Technologies & Techniques For GHG Emission Reduction And To Operate The Entire Upstream Facility More Efficiently: Address Fugitive Emissions, Limit Flaring, Capture Gas, Meet Leak Detection Requirements, Evaluate New Vapour Recovery Technology, Update Valve Designs, Improve Compression Efficiency & Carry Out Separation Processing With A Smaller Footprint
  • Justifying The Value Of New Emission Reduction Projects For New & Legacy Assets, Operating In Different Situations
  • Tankless Systems Versus Conventional Tank Designs
  • Optimizing Equipment To Capture & Monetize Product Or Reduce Fuel Burn
  • Get Ahead Of New State Regulations Setting The Bar Higher On Flare Reduction & Emissions Reporting 


  • Solutions For Optimizing Large Multi-Well Pad Set-Ups & Revisiting Multi-Phase Metering
  • Justify Expanding Facilities Automation Projects To Reduce Emissions & Deliver Efficiency Gains 
  • Sharing Creative Solutions To Address Supply Chain Bottlenecks, Escalating Material Costs & Manpower Shortages
  • Case Studies On The Implementation Of Asset Integrity Programmes For Safety-Critical Pressure Vessels & Legacy Equipment With Limited Historical Data

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